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Physiotherapy - An extremely effective tool for healing

Whether it be physiotherapy, massage or chiropractics, you need help and you need it now. Physiotherapy is the tool most doctors prescribe to fix plantar fasciitis, low back pain, sciatica or whiplash. Massage therapy is very good for fascia restrictions, pain that is sport related (repetitive strain injuries), and chronic pain. Chiropractics is the best for spinal injuries, disc bulges, herniations and facet irritations or pinched nerves.

The point is, something has gotta give. Something must be the best for my pain. Everyone will claim their solution is the best. Why not ask them how confident they are that they can fix your issue, your problem. Your health matters to us in physiotherapy. We provide assessments at each visit here at Get Physical Physiotherapy. We provide direct billing, evening appointments and emergencies on weekends.

Physiotherapy is painful and that is normal; stuff is moving around and muscles are stretching, blood is flowing and body parts are re-animating the normal way. Don't hesitate to give me a call at 613 263-4486 if there are any questions or email me at

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